Your personal diet assistant
It is the first watch face and mobile application in the world that creates a diet plan
and effectively helps with calories' control.
How it works

Main Advantages

Very easy to use!

No need of going through huge products' lists just like in Fitness Pal / Every operation is a matter of a single tap.

Works on 2 devices

The application also works without a watch.
It's fully synchronised: both the mobile app and the interactive watch face.

Real time feedback

The application use Google FIT and it's own advanced algorithm / works in real time.

Good for your health and well-being

Naturally optimizes weight (BMI), adapting your diet to your physical activity.

Save your money!

Visits at the nutritionists' or personal coaches' cost at least $ 100 a month/ Whereas monthly use of the Diet Watch is only a few dollars!

Now you can easly keep it!

When you eat "well" and regularly, you better control your weight. With the Diet Watch you will eat well-balanced meals (with recommended proportions of proteins, fats and carbohydrates) in sufficient quantities at appropriate times. The application uses advanced algorithms. It is also integrated with Google Fit. The plan of your meals dynamically adjusts to your physical activity and other changes occurring on a regular basis. Using specific tips you will easily gain and keep your optimal weight.

While you use the app, you know:

-How many calories you have burned,

-How many calories you have taken in,

-Whether or not you keep the calorie balance,

-How much take it is left to the next meal,

-How much you need to drink in order to maintain the optimum hydration,

-What to eat next to stay healthy and fit!

Your individual diet prepared by the professional nutritionist

At the beginning you provide some personal details. On this basis, the application calculates your nutrition plan that takes into account all the principles of balanced and healthy eating. Diet plans that are suited to your activity and physical parameters (age, weight, height ...).

A well-balanced diet helps you to keep your ideal weight. The Diet Watch watches over so that everything works out well!

Do not forget about any meal!

What happens when the meal time comes? The watch vibrates and displays EAT NOW command to notify you that it's time for your meal. Add the additional callories manually if you happen to treat yourself with an extra snack.

Full synchronization between a watch
and a mobile

There is an ongoing synchonization between both devices. You have checked that you drunk a glass of water in your smartphone? The information will appear on the watch. You have confirmed that you ate a meal with your watch? It is already noted on your smartphone.

You don't have a watch? Use your smartphone.

Choose your design!

Both the application and the watch face
are available in 4 graphic design variants.